Kampo Juan Expedition

kampLast month was a hell month! It’s amazingI couldn’t even figure out how I recovered from THAT mental, social and emotional stress. I’m pretty sure last month was not my month.

Anyway, because of the blah..blah..blah.. last month I decided to plan a vacation ALONE. I planned of going somewhere that’s far from the bustling city that’s giving me all the sh*t. Oops!

After a week of planning, preparing and inquiring from the adventure places I could visit in Bukidnon,  I finally decided to go to Kampo Juan. But wait … I didn’t go there alone. I realized how lonely it would be. Haha! So I invited my best friend too. And Yes! Just us two. 😀

kampojThe place was a perfect getaway to be at. The breeze, the trees and the people were very accommodating. The rides are cool! But as an adrenaline junkie, I’d like it if it was a little more “extreme” than what I experienced and felt. The anicycle was kinda scary though. I felt like the gravity was pulling me twice as it usually does.  And I’d like to experience that again. 😀

kitttThe Zipline (too bad we weren’t able to take a shot) and the Hanging Bridge was kinda “okay” to me. Though my bestie kinda freaked out when she did both. 🙂

kampppppThe views were superb and very relaxing! I will surely return for some adventure (hoping there will be more rides) at Kampo Juan. I wasn’t able to do the Rappelling since they do not allow you to rappel without a partner. And my “supposed-to-be” partner couldn’t dare so naaaah… nevermind. We toured the place though and it was breathtaking and sooo nature friendly. Check it out.


Entrance Fee: P50
All rides (Anicycling, 2 way Ziplining, Hanging Bridge and Rappelling): P1000
Without Rappelling: P600

I suggest you bring your baons when visiting Kampo Juan.


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