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Feeling like a kid, Feeling childish from within. ‘Cause when I think of you, It’s like I’m back to being ten. You always make me smile, Even just for a while. Laughing side by side, Makes the time worth while. In the contrary, I think the feelings will all flee. Then I close my eyes And start […]

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The Project

To do something unusual in my regular “usual” life has always been part of my to-do list. Before I’ll quit my job and go back to school. I want to live and enjoy life like how an individual is supposed to be. But of course, with a purpose. Going out from my comfort zone and just […]

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Kampo Juan Expedition

Last month was a hell month! It’s amazingI couldn’t even figure out how I recovered from THAT mental, social and emotional stress. I’m pretty sure last month was not my month. Anyway, because of the blah..blah..blah.. last month I decided to plan a vacation ALONE. I planned of going somewhere that’s far from the bustling […]

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Back Again

I kept on thinking about something that keeps on occurring Like what I’ve always expected I am again falling Falling but no one is catching Can somebody explain to me what’s really happening?   I promised myself no to I tried myself to not to But what’s happening between us two? It makes me forget […]

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Keep Calm and Climb

It’s been quite awhile since I last climbed and bouldered. It was when I decided to focus again on my dance gigs. The invitations were queuing and I had to give my extra time on our practices. I miss climbing! A lot! T.T My other friends think that climbing sucks and a boring sport. Well, […]

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